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Classroom Technology Support

The following services are available to instructors of courses offering IUPUI credit.

  • A central location where instructors can come for assistance and information concerning technology-equipped classrooms.
  • Regular room checks to ensure the equipment is operating.
  • Emergency support.
  • Passcodes needed to access the equipment.
  • Training for instructors wishing to use equipment in technology classrooms.
  • Consultation on how the equipment might be used in instruction.

If equipment becomes damaged see: Damaged Equipment Policy


Classroom Technology Services offers training in the use of installed classroom technology to instructors. One-on-one training sessions are scheduled in the classroom to be used with one of our support specialists. A support specialist will walk you through login and access to the technology, use of the technology, and logout of the technology when finished.

To request training, call 317-274-8400, or e-mail ctsin@iupui.edu. We tailor our training sessions to the needs of individual instructors. When you request training please provide the following information:

  • The classroom in which your class is scheduled
  • The types of media you wish to use
  • The times you are available

If possible, bring samples of the media you intend to use to the training session.

If you wish to use your laptop computer, please let us know the make/model of laptop, the operating system, if it has an Ethernet port, and the software you intend to run.

Training Document

Logging ON:

  • If the Crestron touch panel is blank, touch it to bring up the Welcome page.  Touch the Welcome screen and a numeric keypad will appear.
  • Enter your passcode on the keypad followed by the Enter key. To request a passcode call 317-274-8400.
  • A count down menu screen appears until the projector has completed its warm up cycle.  

Choosing Your Media:

  • By Default, the PC image is displayed on the preview monitor and the video projector simultaneously.
  • If the PC is not the desired source, you may select a different source (e.g., Laptop, DVD, VCR, or Doc Camera) available on the left side of touch panel.     
  • Once a new source is selected, the image will be projected on the screen.
  • To use Document Camera, turn the document camera on and press the “Doc Cam” icon. When finished, please turn off the unit.
  • To use a laptop, connect the VGA cable available in the room, power on the laptop, and press the “Laptop” icon. You may need to activate the dual display function on your laptop.
  • To temporarily black out the projected image, press the “Blank” icon. To resume projection select the source to be projected.

Audio Control:

  • The Audio and Video signals are linked; when a source is selected the audio is automatically activated.
  • To raise or lower the audio level hold the appropriate Up or Down arrow located on the right lower corner of the touch screen until proper level is reached.
  • To mute the audio, press the Mute button; press again to unmute.

Logging OFF:

  • Please remember to log off the computer
  • Please do not shut the computer off.   Shutting down the computer inconveniences instructors who follow after you as they must then wait for the machine to reboot.  It also hinders the ability to install security and virus updates, patches, and user requests.

To end your session press “Exit” located on the lower left of the touch panel and finally press ”Yes” .

Access (Passcodes)

If you are an instructor registered in a media-equipped classroom, call 317-274-8400 or e-mail ctsin@iupui.edu to request the passcode needed to use equipment in the room.

Client Software Support

University Information Technology Services manages several servers that support classroom applications. This software build is installed on the computers in the classrooms. Faculty can request that software or files for students be loaded on these servers for their use in the classroom or for student use in the learning centers.

To request this service, faculty need to complete an Instructional Software Installation Request Form and return it, along with the software media, documentation, and proof of licensing to University Information Technology Services. Click here to complete a software request form

Because of the testing involved with installing software allowing adequate lead time is essential. The request form and all related materials should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date the software is needed.

UITS AirMedia User Guide

Please download the AirMedia User Guide from this link: UITS AirMedia User Guide

AirMedia is a wireless presentation gateway that, when installed, allows you to share content from your own device on the large in-room display screen without hooking up any wires. AirMedia supports Windows and OS X computers, as well as Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. Presenters using a Mac or PC can connect to AirMedia by following the simple instructions on the room display, while iPad and other mobile device users need only download the free AirMedia app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Please visit the UITS Knowledgebase for more information on AirMedia: AirMedia KB article