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Regatta Week

2014 Steering Committee

Register a Team – Begins August 18

Overnight Accommodations







2014 Regatta Steering Committee

Elly Alexander and Lunnette Sauer

Executive Director: Elly Alexander
Associate Executive Director: Lynnette Sauer

Regatta Committee


Director of Festival: Corinne Blackburn
Coordinator of Entertainment: Malissa Magiera
Coordinator of Vendors: Mike Agal
Coordinator of Student Organizations: Melanie Scheive
Coordinator of Family and Community Entertainment: Zoe Bulick

Finance and Sponsorship

Director of Finance: Kevin Mull
Coordinator of Internal Sponsorships: Elvis Hodali
Coordinator of External Sponsorships: Joe Bondi
Coordinator of Donations: Adam Bogs


Director of Logistics: Thrasher Carmichael


Director of Marketing: Michael Gillis
Coordinator of Internal Marketing: Kayla Jenkins
Coordinator of External Marketing: Kenyari Keith
Coordinator of Social Media: Kayla Hughes
Coordinator of Regatta Week Marketing: Shoun Collins

Regatta Week

Director of Regatta Week: Wyatt Jackson
Coordinator of Campus Partnerships: Alex Hochstetler
Coordinator of Contests: Jasmine Laseter

Rules and Teams

Director of Rules and Teams: Jon Bell
Coordinator of Rules and Teams: Collin Wilson
Coordinator of Judges: Bindu Podila


Director of Volunteers: Janine Kabir

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